Military Genius Ezio is returning to Monterigioni from knocking out Rodrigo Borgia and learning of a chaotic event to happen in the future. There in Monterigioni, he finds Catalina Sforza, the very beautiful and lovely Duchess of Forli. He informs the assassins that he did not kill Rodrigo and of his experiance, much to Machiavali's anger. Later Ezio goes to his room and there has sexual relations with Catalina. In the morning, the city is attacked by the Borgia's Army. Ezio tries to hold the city, but decides to evacuate the city. He goes to Rome to finish Borgia. He, in Rome, kills many Templars, including "The Engineer" and Cesare Borgia, the Commander of half of the Templar Army. Cesare begins a war that resulted in chaos in Romania. This all together resulted in Ezio throwing Cesare off of a several thousand meter high wall.