Rat'on'anga'ton leaves his home in the frontier of New York, New Jearsy and Pennsulvania for a small homestead to the northeast of his villidge where he wishes to become an assassin. Acillies, an assassin trainer and owner of the homestead where, after Rat'on'anga'ton annoys him enough, decides to train Rat'on'anga'ton. He then begins calling Rat'on'anga'ton Conner. He then takes Conner to Boston, Massachussets for items to repair the homestead's damage. While there, the Boston Massacure begins and Conner is blamed and later is helped by Samuel Adams and has been unnotericed. Months later, Conner is friend of US Army Commander George Washington. Conner is now a Continental Army Major and assassinating Templar leaders including William Johnson, lead Accountant and land thief of native land by British military force, John Pitcairn, High Templar Army General, Thomas Hickey, spy and mercenary leader in the Continental Army, Benjamin Church, Supply and weapons commander, Charles Lee, Lieutenant Commander of all Templar Agents, Haythem Kenway, top coordinatar and high ranking agent and General of all Templar Agent attacks and father of Conner, and Nicholas Biddle, high ranking agent and senator of the Templar Navy and Templar Merchant Navy.