Moscow, Russia, 1941, Red Army recruit Vasili Koslav is trained and then immediately sent to hold a part of the city from the German Army attack being sent by Infantry, M.G and mobile Artillery. Vasili succeeds and forces them back. For several weeks after this he is sent on missions including: Repair the field phone wire, destroy advancing Tanks, force back Germans, take over Apartments, take back City Hall, snipe enemies and demolish Nazi political buildings. North Africa, 1942, Sergeant John Davis of the British Army 11th Tank Division is attacking trenches belonging to the German Army Afrika Korps. He takes the trenches and moves on with Captain Price to take maps and records and then they destroy petrol and bunkers belonging to the Germans. They then burn their way to southern France and begin attacking German Army S.S and Air Force to distract the Germans from the coming storm. Normandy, France, 1944, US Army Ranger Corporal Bill Taylor is advancing to attack on D-Day, while the U.S Army Rangers, Canadian Army, British S.A.S and British Air Force attack the beaches to destroy the German Army and Navy there, and U.S Army Airborne, US Army Infantry, US Air Force, Canadian Air Force, French Resistance, US Army Tanks and British Army Tanks take care of the German Army in Central Germany. Taylor attacks for months, taking towns, cities, bases, hills, eventually defeating them all.