United States Marine Corps Captain Strongman Alex Mason, Army Rifleman and S.O.G operative Master Sergeant Frank Woods and Navy Chief Petty Officer and M.A.C-V S.O.G operative Bowman are in Cuba to kill Dictator Fideal Castro. While on mission, they are attacked by Cuban Police, Air Force, Militia and Marine Corps, but fighting through them, killing all of the Cuban Marines and killing Castro. While escaping on a plane, Mason is captured while clearing the airfield. When brought to Dragovich, a Russian Marine Corps Captain General, Kravchenco, a Russian Army Tanks, Air Cavalry Airborne, Spetsnaz and Air Force Lieutenant-General who is Dragovich's non thinking supply tool, and Castro, who is not dead and now provides the Russians with the entire Cuban Marine Corps, Special Forces, Militia and Navy, Mason is told he will be sent to Vorkuta, a Russian War Prison in northern Russia where tempertures are below freezing and the prison guards are strong Russian Marines. Mason and Victor Reznov, a former Red Army Sergeant and friend of Mason, decide to start a riot against the Russian Marines, which succedes for Mason's part. Mason escapes, but Reznov has requested to be left behind. After this and several missions with Woods and Bowman, including fighting Russian Marines and K.G.B agents and alphas in Russia and several missions against Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese Marines, Woods and Bowman die fighting Kravchenco and the Russian Marine Corps, but Mason kills him. Mason is then considered rouge and is captured by the United States Marine Corps. He is later freed and is sent to fight Russian Marines and G.R.U operitives while killing Dragovich, which succeads.