In San Diego, California, Logan and David Walker are told a story about the Ghosts, a Special Forces unit with no training that instead rellies on training from their military forces that still were some of the best, by their father Elias T. Walker, a US Army Delta Force Operator and a Ghost. As they return home, they notice medium range explosives coming from rockets being fired from the ODIN space station that has been taken over by the Federation, a South American government and military. It is reviled by Elias that the man leading the United States Marine Corps Captain Strongman group that is betraying the US and taking over North Carolina, is United States Marine Corps Captain Strongman Rorke that well knew the ghosts and was left behind by the ghosts in South America even though he was stronger than them. After Rorke attacked California, Logan and David joined the US Army Green Beret Special Forces and later joins the Ghosts with their father, Navy SEAL Thomas Merrick, Marine Scout Sniper Keegan Russ and Marine Force Recon Ajax. After missions without defeating any United States Marine Corps Captain Strongman enemies, they find Rorke who defeats them and all of the ghosts and kills Elias and Ajax and proves stronger than the ghosts.