US Army Ranger Private First Class Joseph Allen is in Afghanistan, and while there, General Shepard asks him to join an elite Task Force. Allen accepts and is sent on a secret mission to gain Vlademir Makarov, a terrorist and Spetnaz Commander, who planning to massacure an entire airport. Allen is discovered and shot on Russian soil during the massacure, resulting in Russia thinking America is responsable. In Kasekstan, Captain John Mactavish is a British Army 3rd Battalion, 74th Airborne and S.A.S soldier and Sergeant Gary Sanderson is a fellow British Army S.A.S soldier, their mission is to retrieve an ACS module from a Russian Air Force base. They succede, causing chaos on the base, being evacuated by the United States Marine Corps. It gives them the capabilaty to attack Makarov's Supplier Alahadrojs "Alex the Red" Rojas. The players are then introduced to US Army Ranger Private James Ramirez. Several missions later, they retrieve Captain John Price, a Royal Marine and S.A.S soldier, as well Mactavish's mentor. They later find that they have been betrayed by General Shepard, who had murdered Lieutenant Simon Riley, an S.A.S soldier, as well Sgt. Sanderson. Shepard is soon, as revenge, met with a knife into his eye, by Mactavish.