Gabriel Martin 2
Gabriel Martin
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian (White)
Loyalty (During Wars): United States
Rank: Corporal
Nationality: American
Born: 1758
Died: 1776
Status: Deceased (Killed by Col. William Tavington)
Portrayed by: Heath Ledger
"When I have a family of my own, I won't hide behind them."
―Gabriel Martin to his father Benjamin Martin[src]

Corporal Gabriel Edward Martin was a soldier, who fought in the American Revolutionary War for the United States of America. However, he didn't make it through the war, as he was killed by Colonel William Tavington. He was the eldest son of Benjamin Martin.


Son of the GhostEdit

Gabriel Martin

Colonel William Tavington took Gabriel as a prisoner to be hanged.

A Family of His OwnEdit

Gabriel finally arranged to be married, with his father being there to witness it, seeing his son finally have his own family. Gabriel told his father that he realized how he felt earlier when he mentioned having a family and protecting them. They were finally on the same page again.

Not long after, Tavington had his vengeance on the "rebels", burning the Church of the town helping them, and even killing Gabriel's wife. Gabriel wanted revenge. He took a few men, then went after Tavington.


Gabriel Martin 3

Gabriel during the American Revolutionary War.

Gabriel found Tavington, and they faced off. Gabriel and Tavington loaded weapons across from each other and took aim. Gabriel fired first, hitting Tavington and wounding him. As Gabriel prepared to make the final strike, he was surprised to find Tavington less wounded than originally thought.

Gabriel was killed by Tavington while he was just about to avenge the death of his wife and brother. He lived long enough to die in his father's arms, only a short time after his new wife had died. Ben later got revenge, and killed Tavington, finally avenging the deaths of his sons.