John Triton (United States Marine Corps) was given an honorable discharge because while taking down an Al-Qaeda headquarters, denided an order to wait on renforcements and took down the base single handedly and while on leave is fired from his job as a security for using extreme use of violence upon a waitresses boyfriend who had threatened her. After a great amount of stress, Triton's wife, Robin, suggests a vacation.

Meanwhile international criminal and former Navy S.E.A.L, "Rome" plots robberey with his girlfriend, Angela, and several assosiates. While going to their vacation site, John and Robin stop at a gas station, maraculoussly at the same time as Rome and his team as they are leaving the state. A police car drives up and one of the police officers sparks a conversation with Rome. One of Rome's team members attacks the police officer while Angela shot the owner of the gas station and another member of the team ambushes Triton with a fire extinguisher. Rome shoots the other police officer and captures Robin as a hostage. The team then burns the gas station with Triton inside. Triton awakes and escapes the gas station just before it explodes. He relises Robin has been kidnapped and sets off to find her. He takes the police car and finds them on the road. Triton is launched from the road and off of a cliff. They stop to get off of the road and travel through a swamp, where Rome kills one of his own. Triton survives the fall and follows Rome. While chasing Rome down, Triton is lead into the swamp, where Rome decides to hide in inside a small house. Triton is ambushed by two of Rome's men. They take him prisoner, only for him to escape and beat them both to death. Triton sneaks up on two of the team members and kills them. Triton then meets Detective Van Buren, who had been chasing them. Van Buren helps Triton, only to betray him when they enter the house. Rome then tries to shoots Triton, who then throws Van Buren in the way of the bullet. Rome escapes and blows the house up. Rome and Angela then steal a truck, killing the driver. Triton, alive dispite belief by Rome, is spotted by a marine patrol officer and forced onto the shore. Triton beats him and knocks him out, shortly after, stealing his boat. Triton finds them at a Marina, which Rome intends to rob. Triton drags Angela out and under the truck, killing her. Triton turns the truck into the building. Triton and Rome climbs out, leaving Robin in the truck as it crashes into the water. In a fight between Triton and Rome, Triton kills Rome with superior strength. Triton dives into the water and grabs Robin from the water and awakes her and the movie ends with them kissing as the police arive.