Former US Army 1st Infantry Division, 2nd Cavalry Division, 24th Tank Battalion, 76th Engineer Platoon, 82nd Airborne Division and 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment 2nd Lieutenant, Pro Wrestler and Football Defensive Lineman Cade Yeager has a farm in Texas and he buys a truck that he soon realizes that the truck is actually Optimius Prime, Commander of the Autobot Army, Special Ops and Air Force. Soon the CIA is out to kill the Autobots they once helped and Cade's Family, including his 17 year old daughter and have destroyed his home. Later it is realized that Ratchet and the Wreackers have been killed. Prime takes a new, faster form and unites the rest of them, Drift, Bumblebee and two others, one being an Autobot Military expert and the other being a younger, more cowardus and attitude. They then seek a way to defeat the CIA and the Cybertronian mercenaries and Tech realying Army that are opperated by remote and camera.