The United States Army is a military service.

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Marksmanship: Recruits are trained with their M16 or MP1411 assault rifles and M9 Beretta from 15 yards, 22 yards, 29 yards, 37 yards, 40 yards, 48 yards, 60 yards. They are also trained in Grenade throwing.

Martial Arts: Recruits are trained in Army Martial Arts, Krav Maga, Ti Kwan Du and Kick Boxing.

Blades: Recruits are trained with Knives, Hatchets and their rifle butts. These are spread out over 8 weeks.

Tactics: Recruits are trained in Breach and Clear, Aiming and Weapon Systems. This is spread out over 2 weeks.

Officers: The Recruits are trained in Leadership, Artillery and calmness in combat.

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