Victor Deakins
Victor Deakins
Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian (White)
Military Branch: United States,
Air Force
Rank: Major
Nationality: American
Died 1996
United States
Status: Deceased
Portrayed by: John Travolta

Major Victor "Deak" Deakins was a United States Air Force officer.


Early lifeEdit

Deak practiced boxing for 20 years, and had become quite good at it.

Broken ArrowEdit

Engaged in a boxing exhibition with his Air Force buddy Hale with $20.00 on the line for the winner, Deak taught him a few tricks in the world of boxing. Although Hale got a few hits in, Deak still won the fight, and the $20.00. Not long after the fight, Hale gave him the money, which was already his to begin with after Hale took it out of Deak's wallet.


With Hale disarming the nuclear missile, and escaping the train, Deakins stood up and faced the oncoming missle (due to the impact of the train crash) only to be impaled in the chest, thrown through the wall, and rammed into barrels causing an explosion which likely incinerated him.