Full Bird Colonel Walter E. Kurtz is a well experienced Army Veteran and main antagonist of Apocalypse Now. Kurtz first joined the 406th Battalion, 155th Battalion, 25th Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Division, 1st Infantry Division, 82nd Airborne and 101st Airborne in Korea. He went to West Point after fighting through the ranks. He served 6 years in North Korea. He then served three years at a United States Army airfield in the Philippines and one year in South Korea, until he was sent as an Advisor in North Vietnam to fight the NVA. He then was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and fought his way to Full Bird Colonel. He then joined the CIA as a high officer and Black Ops operative. He was given trouble after he killed three people because he believed they were VC spies that turned out to be C.I.A agents. He escaped into the jungle of North Vietnam. Eventually the US Military sends Benjamin Willard to kill him. He also has three Silver Stars, two Bronze Star, purple heart, Defense Superiority Medal, Army Distinguished service medal, P.O.W award, Korean war veteran award, West Point Graduation award and Congressional Medal of Honor.

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