United States Marine Corps Aiden Pearce's Niece is killed in a car wreck when a club member is hired to kill Aiden and shoots the tires of Aiden's car, killing his Niece and forcing him into a state where he feels it neccecary to hunt down the guilty and kill them all. He kills Quill, the club member hired to kill Aiden, who shot the tires. He then escapes a baseball stadium by hacking into the tech security with his "Black Hat" Military Special Ops Tech Supply Cell Phone that he can use to hack into every piece of tech in Illinios. He then, along with the help of his friends, including his girlfriend, hunts down several others and gains a new ally and at that, an even better grey hat hacker. He then kills Delford "Iraq" Wade, a former US Army soldier of Iraq War and later kills their leader and gains his full revenge.